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May 14, 2018

Motherhood was a role that took time for Yolanda. Between military, great aspirations of a career and motherhood, Yolanda battled bitterness and as she would ashamedly say, the stigma that comes along with being a “stay at home mom” most times.  One of the most challenging seasons Steve and Yolanda walked was four months into their first pregnancy, with their son in early 1999.  The elated couple went in for their gender reveal ultrasound. “This joyous occasion took a drastic turn when after the ultrasound technician waved the wand along my belly, she stopped and said she needed to go get the radiologist.  Steve and I began o panic.  Was something wrong?  The radiologist and other technicians were brought in to look at our baby on the monitor.  What was going on?

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