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June 12, 2020

What is This Really About? What is Happening? Have you stopped to ask yourself that question?  Have any of the events that have transpired triggered you to pause and ponder the details?  Several times I have found myself reading content, listening to reports, and asking something along the W’s- Why, What, Where, When…  At first, […]

Sister, I need you to hear this- there is a real enemy and real war against you, but I don’t want that to intimidate you.  God has designed women for war from the very beginning, so be encouraged- you don’t need anything more than what you have right now.  God has already given you what […]

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February 7, 2020

August 23, 2019

To understand the battle we are in, we need to have an understanding of the bigger picture around us, the war. To understand the war, we need to know who our enemy is. Satan, Lucifer was actually an angel in Heaven first. He desired to be above God and when he couldn’t rule Heaven, God […]

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