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February 16, 2018

Focus: Motherhood + Family

What does an invitation to Epiphany mean for me on a day like today in a season that isn’t going to change anytime soon? 

It means that I need that little baby Jesus to come to me. Bethlehem and 2000 years feel too far away for my tired mind to comprehend and for my weary soul to journey.  Maybe that is where the idea of “inviting Jesus into my heart” originated. From a tired mom, who slept in, didn’t have any eggs and couldn’t remember what time church started. 

Maybe it came from a broken woman who prayed, “I can’t get my act together enough to get to you. Can you please come to me?” 

“My kids weren’t ok.  My marriage wasn’t ok.  I couldn’t live with myself knowing I gave the best of myself to everyone else other than my kids and my husband. I was so scared to lose my identity in being a mom and a wife.  I knew that I had to heal to be present in my life.”

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June 19, 2017

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