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February 28, 2020

“I think one way God uses our comfort zones is to understand more of Who He is, and, unfortunately, I think the typical view of God is fluffy clouds, cupcakes and puppies. You know, all the happy stuff. But, as I mentioned in a previous blog, a life with God can be ruffled and risky. It can mean being interrupted and inconvenienced. It can mean taking a chance on someone or even putting your life on the line for another. These things are uncomfortable, and, as Joyce Meyer has said, we need to “get out of the boat.”

Welcome, Sister!  This month we decided to highlight Allie’s story a little differently by doing videos four weeks in a row, highlighting the seasons God has brought her through and how she has worked through rejection.  

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May 11, 2019

September 7, 2018

As wives, we get to love our husbands with God’s perfect, beautiful love through the help and empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  When we are willing and obedient in our hearts, the Holy Spirit steps in and “graces” us with an overflowing heart of love for our husbands. It is a pure love that allows us to see everything they are in Christ. It is a tangible love that draws our husbands to Our Father where they can taste and see the goodness of the Lord and begin to comprehend how much He truly loves them.  It is through this beautiful, selfless love offering that the Father is glorified and our husbands are edified in Christ.

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