God Didn’t Save You to Tame You

Lioness Arising

Right now I’m reading Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere.  Holy moly is it timely, calming, encouraging, inspiring, and convicting.  I recently read a portion of a chapter that talked about going against the grain in the name of your calling.  “God did not save you to tame you” stopped me in my tracks. Wow, what a breath of fresh air! So often as women, as Christians, as wives, as mothers we’re expected to behave a certain way, have a certain perspective, make certain decisions.  But if this is not in line with who God made you to be and how God made you, then it’s not right.  

In addition to this, sometimes we’re called to “misbehave.”  Yep, you read that right.  Lisa went on to give examples from history of women who “misbehaved” but in the name of something greater.  Rosa Parks, Tamar, Deborah, Esther (just to name a few) did things that were considered “inappropriate” according to societal norms.  However, it was these actions that changed the course of history for the better. 

Step Into Your Calling

Are you paying attention to your calling?  To the whispers in your heart?  God very well could be calling you to something that is different than how you were raised.  He could be calling you into conversations or situations that are different than things accepted in society.  But GOD!  He will not lead you into something that He hasn’t already equipped you to do.  2020 has been a year full of differences, sides, challenges, obstacles.  But I believe God is calling and equipping more believers than ever to advance His Kingdom through worship, justice, action, and grace.  How is your heart stirring to make a difference or be different?  How can you step outside your comfort zone to align with God’s heart?  Maybe watch a movie or a video you normally wouldn’t choose.  Perhaps visit a church in a different part of town. What are some ways you can carry yourself in the truest version God made you?

You Can Do This

God created you with purpose, with intention, with clarity. How are you responding? Are you shying away from His calling? Are you settling? Are you backing away? Don’t. He’s got you. He is right by you, walking, fighting, leading. He is ahead of you preparing and waiting. Go! In the truest version of who you are, go and do! Whatever change that needs to be made, whatever decision to make is waiting, whatever you’ve been avoiding- You’ve got this!

You are a Catalyst Woman.

Morgan Campey

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