Dreaming Big During a Quarantine


Dreaming Big During a Quarantine

Do you remember that dream you once had?  The one that for one reason or another you didn’t follow through with?  We are in odd times, sister.  Unusual.  Something we have never experienced and something I pray we don’t see again.  At least not in this way.   But it isn’t all bad.  This time is making space for dreaming and creating.  Before you offer excuses, I’m a mom of three, my husband is in the Army and his schedule has only increased, so no off time for me, but there is still a change of pace.  There are boundaries in this season.  Boundaries limit, they protect and restrict.  What we do within the confines of those boundaries is up to us.  We can rest, we can stress, create, complain, retreat, invest, or waste it.  The choice is ours, regardless of time and circumstances.

Perfection is the thief of creation and completion.  If you want to run a marathon, no one goes out and runs 26.2 miles on day one.  Rather, you create a plan to invest small chunks of time with correlating steps that build on top of one another.  Before you know it, months have passed and you are running 18 miles.  Or maybe you have created a podcast with several episodes or created a new routine with your family that they are now flourishing in.  No dream is too big, no victory is too small.  Showing up and starting are the hardest parts.  Tension isn’t fun, it’s actually uncomfortable most of the time, but that’s whee change happens.  The world is going to always give us excuses and outlets to shy away from intentionally applying the gifts God has given us.  If boundaries teach discipline and tension creates change, then the harvest of this season is ripe.  What is God inviting you to create?  What is God rebirthing in your spirit that you can apply your gifts to?

3 Things that Help you Start

This can feel daunting and if you are there, don’t feel discouraged.  An incredible resource that helped me navigate this was Horacio Printing’s Dream Planner!  

There are 3 things that the planner invites you to do at the beginning:

1- Make a bucket list of your goals- no judgment here, sister!

2- Ask the question, “Who do I want to become?”  This is all about flourishing where you are planted.

3- Dream in all directions- Spiritually, physically, personally, relationally, financially, and professionally

I have added the two resources that the founder, Polly Payne has created to walk you through these sections!

Dream Planning Part 1- Bucket List

Dream Planning Part 2- Personal Growth

This Season has Purpose + Potential

Remember, this season has a purpose and potential.  God has designed you with incredible strengths and He is inviting you to more!  I want to encourage you to lean into the unfortunate circumstances and allow God to birth something new inside you that you may have allowed previously silenced.  Begin to pray, dream, and create like never before so that you walk boldly ahead.

Catalyst’s changes things.  You are a woman who brings hope.  You are a woman who carries kindness, joy, peace, momentum, and best of all, the message of Jesus!  Be bold and dream big!

You are a Catalyst Woman.

*Photo above is credited to Horacio Printing

Horacio Printing is a Christian brand whose mission is to help individuals unlock their inner artist and connect with their God-given purpose.

  1. Collene says:

    Love the three things your planner lists for us to do. Great encouragement that this season indeed has a purpose!

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