On the Other Side of Tragedy and Loss

On the Other Side of Tragedy and Loss

20 in the Bible Means Redemption

People in the faith community may know that number 20 represents redemption in the Bible.  So, the year 2020 is extra redemptive. That sounds beautiful, right? The definition of redemption is “the action of being saved or saving from sin, error, or evil.”  It’s tough to really sit with the word “redemption” or the thought of redemption because then you have to sit with the thought of sin, error, evil, etc. My husband and I have taken ahold of and claimed redemption for our family for 2020 because 2019 was a year full of peace, health, rest, and life.  We claimed those for 2019 because 2018 was full of all the opposite. We claimed redemption for 2020 to really cover us, acknowledging the sin, error, or evil that we’re claiming redemption over. More to come on that in future blogs.

Breakthrough and redemption comes after or from tragedy and crisis

I’m currently listening to the podcast, “Exploring the Prophetic” by Shawn Bolz.  He interviews guests about how the prophetic shapes their lives and journey. One guest said that usually breakthrough and redemption comes after or from tragedy and crisis.  Again, how tough to acknowledge, but think about it! How true is that?! There is story after story in the bible that confirms it!


That’s what happened in Middle TN

On March 3rd, much of middle TN woke up to texts, news reports, weather reports, and pictures of devastation from the aftermath of a tornado that swept through several neighborhoods, businesses, and communities.  We were all blindsided and shocked. Schools were closed, businesses closed, and even the state department closed. The city and surrounding counties sat in disbelief. But what happened over the next 5 days was truly redemptive.  Whatever your belief was the “cause” of the tornado (we really are not going to go into the theological viewpoints of that), what came next was the epitome and picture-perfect representation of redemption and the gospel. People from all over the city put on their get dirty clothes, grabbed work gloves, and showed up to donation sites and volunteer hubs.  Heck, some people just started driving around the city asking if anyone needed help. Millions of dollars were raised and over 30,000 volunteers were dispersed throughout the city. Metro Nashville Public Schools staff and volunteers helped move 3 displaced schools into new buildings. This event that took place in the wee hours of March 3rd was redeemed and beautified through acts of love, true, selfless love.  We don’t know the stories, actions, choices, or thoughts of those affected, we just know they were hurting and needed help.  We aren’t privy to their past decisions or ways in which they live(d), but we do see someone in need and we meet them where they are.

There is beauty, strength, and breakthrough on the other side

That’s Jesus.  That’s redemption.  You may be going through a tragedy.  You may be on the brink of a crisis, but I promise there is beauty, strength, and breakthrough on the other side.  Jesus will save you. He did it once and He will do it every day until He comes again. 

-Morgan Campey

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