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6-week community-coaching hybrid where you will learn how to assess + break free from current lies and limiting beliefs so you can grow in truth, purpose, and freedom.

In our 6 weeks together, we will:
>identify dreams and desires that the Lord is stirring in your spirit
>assess current lies and limiting beliefs that are tripping you up
>evaluate health from mindsets to body + nutrition
>design a gameplan to help you grow and walk out what you feel called to in this season
>grow with like-minded women where we will encourage, inspire, and champion one another

Are you Ready? If your spirit is stirring, then let's DO THIS!

The FOCUS Intensive

Build a Life of Purpose +Impact

Confused why you can't figure out how to overcome your obstacles and what's holding you back from freedom + true joy?

Frustrated that every time you take one step forward it feels like two steps back?

are you overwhelmed with where to start in your bible, grow in your prayer life or even build godly community?

An Encounter with Jesus Changes everything.

Be encouraged, inspired, and challenged to walk out your G0d-Given purpose

sound like something you need? Then read on!

One thing is necessary, knowing God and what His word says about us.
When He created us, the word says that we are consecrated, set apart for a purpose, that means that you have gifts and strengths that this world desperately needs.
We can't give what we don't have.  Those amazing gifts are only released when we have freedom and purpose in Jesus.  
You were created and set apart for a special purpose. 

We are leaning in to the Father like never before to follow the call + bring freedom in Jesus.

The days of comfortable convenient Christ followers are over.  The great commission is to "go and make disciples."  A disciple is not a passive by stander along for the ride.  Instead, a disciple of Jesus loves with compassion, leads with humility, serves with no question, and speaks truth unashamed.
We are here to share Jesus with the world.

Following Jesus isn't popular or easy in our culture. 
It's time to go all in with Him.

let's chat for a minute...

We have several resources, products, and courses to help you grow deeper in your walk with Christ.


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 I'm a military wife, mother to four little world changers and one Giant Schnauzer.  

Two things I truly love:
1- Jesus.
2- People walking in freedom and purpose who God designed them to be.  

I am your biggest cheerleader, the one who loves the tough questions, your accountability partner, your prayer warrior, your silly- dance party friend, and the one who will push you because of the potential I see in you.

Gal. 5:13 says we have freedom in Jesus so that others may as well.   I live to share my freedom in Jesus, so you can share yours too.

Hi! I'm Danielle


I am married to my wonderful husband, Kyle, and we have two kids, Lairyn + Graham, and a cute speckled mut rescue, Cereal. But most importantly I’m a daughter of the King.

I am the friend known for calling out the tough stuff, having hard conversations, and listening when you need to cry, vent, rage, or rejoice. But I’m also the friend who will remind you who you are and Who’s you are.
I fight for justice, righteousness, kindness, and change.

I love sharing my journey to health, fitness, life and most of all, my relationship with Jesus and how choosing to follow Him changed everything.

Hi! I'm Morgan

Danielle Wingate, Fighting for Freedom

"Lies from the enemy will always keep us from becoming the person we were fully called and created to be."

Avery Ann

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Jordan Turner

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Done with lots of effort and not seeing the growth, and experiencing the breakthrough.

Hungry to learn more about going deeper with Jesus, prayer, and what you were created for.

Ready to stop believing the lies of the enemy and take your authority back as the daughter of the king you are!

Comfortable in the life you have.

Wanting to be blessed but not interested in doing the work to bless the heart of the Father.

Prefer to continue making excuses for your life as you partner with lies, rather than own your story for a kingdom purpose.

this is not for you if...

this is for you if you are... 

Pastor Lori Champion

“I have known Danielle for several years and watching her walk through her first deployment as a military wife, a new mom, and overcoming postpartum depression, I am so proud of this resource!  Danielle has taken what the enemy meant for harm and has crafted an incredible guide to help women rise up, fight the right fight, and live in freedom.  Every woman needs to read Fighting for Freedom

Kacy Kincaid

This community has helped me grow so much. 
I am better because of these ladies!

Coming Soon!

The 365 Bible Reading plan.  Freedom comes only through relationship and identity in Jesus first.  Download the reading plan and set a daily reading plan time.  A great second step is either purchasing the Catalyst Prayers Journal or the 100 Days of Declarations to Anchor you in truth, purpose, and identity.
Download the reading plan HERE

We would love to connect with you!  Email us over at CatalystWomen.info@gmail.com

Yes! Let's Connect!  Email us over at CatalystWomen.info@gmail.com

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